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Novalab France was created in August 1998 by Edmond MSIKA who established the first LIFESCAN entity in France.

After years of experience in the Healthcare Industry, he decided to act for developing a new approach to bring original services and supports to the people with Diabetes.

Over the years, he formed a strong and dedicated team with people who have the same vision of what Novalab wants to achieve as a company to better serve in the world of Diabetes.

Novalab is governed by a Board of Managers who acquired a large expertise in the Diabetes Care world.

Novalab markets innovative medical products and services that make a significant difference to improving the daily life of the patients with diabetes :

  • Animas® 2020 Insulin Pump designed with special features to easier adjust the insulin delivery to match the body’s needs night and day.
  • Animas® and Wellion® Insulin Pumps Infusion Sets that offer the largest panel of cartridges and catheters with exiting features and benefits.
  • AGE Reader®, a unique diagnostic device that can non-invasively diagnose and assess the risk of diabetes and its complications.

Novalab’s commitment is to continue to work on developing original technologies that provide a real added value to the benefit of patients and healthcare professionals.

OUR MISSION : To place our overall goals in relation to the Patients with Diabetes and HealthCare Professionals by providing high quality products and services to improve the way people live and work.

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